"The Honey Witch," Processing, Procreate, 2022.

This interactive interface has the player visit an RPG shopkeep. Seems they don't have much to sell though, but you can still mess with their stuff. Much to their chagrin.

"Physical Awareness Grounding Exercise, "HTML and CSS, 2023.

A manual to help guide you through a grounding exercise.

"Memento Merchant," HTML, CSS, and Javascript, 2023.

A nonlinear interactive narrative. Peruse the wares this fae merchant has for sale, who knows what stories you'll uncover.

"The Hierophant's Righteous War," Processing, 2022

As the player's mouse moves, various and randomized shapes are generated, the color forming a colorful image of an oil pastel piece I have created in the past. At the same time, code randomly generates monochrome squares that, if left to their own whims creates the image of a colorless cityscape.

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